François Schmitt - Director of photography

About François

DOP, camera and steadicam operator, second unit director.

35 years of professional, around the world experience.

Good knowledge in editing and data workflow (computer studies).

Languages spoken are french, english, italian, spanish, german.

Extreme conditions filming experience: ski, alpinism, paragliding & air sports, car/motorcycle, underwater, horse riding.

Worldwide and particular filming destinations like Svalbard, Himalayas, Amazonia, Africa, Brazil, India, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Timor Leste, Iceland, ...

Fast and efficient, concerned with production expenses. having self-owned company. Focused on team spirit, from very small to heavily organized crews. Self owned, 29 years old Belgium based company, dealing with invoices, able to fulfill production needs in specific adminstrative, production or co-production issues.